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Team Rider Bike Check! Words with Zack 'WallBasher' Gooden.

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  • By Jared Allan / Ryan Devenuto
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Team Rider Bike Check! Words with Zack 'WallBasher' Gooden.

SD Wheel Works Team rider Zack (wallbasher) Gooden BMX bike check and interview!

SD Wheel Works Team Rider bike check!

Zack Gooden


  With a nickname of “WallBasher”, our team rider Zack Gooden, is arguably the most abusive rider to his bike. A running joke around the shop is that “no vertical surface is safe'' from the destruction he ensues when he's on his steed. Zack is constantly pushing the limits of his components and himself, with an aggressive yet smooth style. 


  Almost daily Zack is in the shop dialing in his rig. Whether that be wiping down the sand from his favorite spots by the beach, or replacing some obscure broken part that most riders would never consider. He does his best to keep his ride dialed. I hopped out of the office yesterday, snapped some pics, and grabbed a few words with “WallBasher”. 


  Zack needs a ride that's not gonna fold under pressure like a cheap suit. Having personally witnessed Zack snap frames, I can attest that his builds need routine inspection, maintenance, and top-of-the-line componentry. Thus, this is a breakdown of his current steed and parts, all of which you can purchase from us with links provided, if you hate walls too!

Frame: Sunday Soundwave v3 Matte Fire Engine Red 21.0”

Forks: Odyssey r32 Black

Stem: Odyssey Boss v2

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 170mm

Wheels: Demolition Team wheels

Tires: Demolition Hammerhead 2.4

Bars: Fiend Team bar 9.75

Seat: Demolition Markit denim

Seat post: Demolition Axes

Seat post Clamp: Sunday 

Sprocket: Demolition Markit W guard 28t

Chain: Shadow interlock v2

Headset: Odyssey integrated

Pedals: Demolition Trooper

Pegs: Demolition Bi-Polar v2

Grips: Demolition Axes


-Words With Wallbasher-


Break it down, man,... What are you doing?:

  • “ livin the dream one wall at a time (a tear falls from his eye).”


Favorite part of your bike?

  • “ What haven't I broken yet *thinks for a minute*... probably the cranks.”


I see no brakes…:

  • “Well of course, brakes slow you down. My brakes are slamming into curbs and plowing into walls”


Describe your riding style in three words or less.:

  • “Grungy as F***! (now here's wonderwall) 


Favorite video part?:

  • “aight dude so… there's a few… Dennis Enarson Markit Zero, Sean Burns Anthem 2, Matt Ray Boston massacre. Those are a tie”


Worst injury?:

  • “Blew out my left leg and tore my ACL, menisci, and needed reconstructive surgery, learning downside whips”


Plans for the future?:

  • “With biking I just wanna ride with the big dogs. I fantasized about going pro but I don't want to worry about being the best. When I can't ride I wanna build skateparks because I'm already in construction.”


More of the same I see (lots of the same brand parts):

  • “Mmmmm the redundancy you ask… I firmly believe that having the same brand parts will work best with each other. Yes they are all universal, but yeah, design and style. Plus…. I’m all about the aesthetic.”


Why walls:

  • “Bikes are meant to ride on the ground so walls seem like something you weren't supposed to do, and I like that.”


The one that got away:

  • “Dear god please help me get this spot. So there's this fence ride on top of a really F**ked up bank, that has launched me so many times. Every time I hit the fence, it changes. I GUARANTEE I will be back for it. Next try for sure.”


Morning or night rider?:

  • “Night straight up, it's a different world at 1am.”


Dream spot to ride?:

  • “Barcelona or Hamburg”


Shoutouts and birds?:

  • “Shoutout all my boys at SD Wheel Works”
  • “ Bird to anyone left handed, because why?!”


  1. Tammy Gooden Tammy Gooden

    I love my wallbasher ! And wish nothing but the best of everything life has to offer , in his journeys !!! You are a Star that illuminates when he rides .

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