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SD Wheel Works X AS Wraps - 'Bikes and Cars' meet 2022

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  • By Jared Allan
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SD Wheel Works X AS Wraps - 'Bikes and Cars' meet 2022

With a mutual passion of love for anything on wheels, SD Wheel Works and AS Wraps collaborated to create an event for both BMX and sport car communities! Featuring ramps, rails, boxes and more, as well as perfect weather and a closed street for attendee's to park and show their car builds!

  The SD Wheel Works employees have a deep seeded love for modified vehicles: All having a history stemming back over a decade or so, however lets touch on their current rides. Jared Has a fully built widebody S13 Silvia as well as a fully built JK Unlimited. Chris "currates" his 1988 MR2 Supercharged as well as regualarly trail-ing his TRD Pro 4Runner. Tony has a Jeep JL Willys Extreme Recon on order (since his current stock Willys didnt do it for him). Furthermore, head honcho Kilian has an imported Mazda AZ1 as well as probably a dozen or so gas powered imports most of us have never heard of. We at SD Wheel Works are all incredibly passionate about Four Wheel machines.

  AS Wraps of Escondido Reached out to us to collaborate for an event that was an obvious "yes" for us. thus, the first 'Bikes and Cars' was created! 

  Alex, owner and operator of AS Wraps is no stranger to modified cars himself! Attendees were able to enjoy his displayed Lexus IS300 widebody with a built 2JZ and CD009 manual transmission! Alex's shop offers vehicle vilyl wrapping and modification. AS Wraps is located in Escondido, CA. (North County San Diego) and tucked in a large cul-de-sac which made perfect for the events large amount of BMX ramps, rails, boxes, and of course displayed vehicles for spectators. 

AS Wraps (@AS_Wraps) covered the event on their Youtube Channel, which is linked here!


Of course the automotive and BMX photographer came out of TM Jared Allan and he compiled some killer shots of the event! Attached is the Google Photos folder link for that as well! 


Shoutout to AS Wraps for reaching out to us, all the riders, spectators, and vehicle owners for attending, and SD Wheel Works team riders Ernesto (@whateverscleverr) and Tristan (@tristan_8310) for shredding as usual!

we at SD Wheel Works can't wait to collab for more 'Bikes and Cars' in the future! 


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