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SD Wheel Works BMX Bike Sizing Guide

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  • By Jared Allan
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SD Wheel Works BMX Bike Sizing Guide

This guide by SD Wheel Works, (image curtosey of Fit Bike Co.) will give you a great idea of what BMX bike may be the best size for you!

  Finding the correct BMX bike can be a chore when shopping online. With thousands of different colors, parts, brands, and specs, it is important to find which bike would be a great fit for you or your child! Not only is a correctly fitted bmx bike important for safety reasons, nobody wants to look like the circus bear on a tricycle, or a toddler on a chopper! Thus, this sizing guide will give you a great idea of how to find a bike that will fit your needs and feel like a well tailored suit.

  Generally: Most of the industry's "average size" bmx bikes are now offered in a 20" - 20.75" top tube. Whereas the larger sizing (Large, XL, XXL) variants will be offered in a 21" through 21.5" top tube. Although there are even larger sizes available now (21.75" and even 22" top tube), Generally you will never see those offered as a "Complete Bike" and rather as custom build frames. 

 All of our standard through large BMX Complete bikes are located here:


On the other end of the spectrum are kids or childrens bikes. This category is much larger when looking at sizes offered. Generally a child as young as two can start their bicycle journey on a balance bike and work their way up through the various sizes of wheels (12" - 14" - 16" - 18") and eventually graduate to a full size 20" BMX bike! 

All of our Kids BMX bikes are located here:


Now, bouncing back to the complete other side of the spectrum is a bike that is generally the newest to the BMX industry and that is the "Big BMX" bikes. These bikes were designed originally for riders who prefer a smoother ride. Generally designed as a hybrid between a cruiser and a bmx bike and targeted to riders looking to commute or older riders who no longer want to do tricks or stunts. However, contrary to the ladder these bikes have become incredibly popular for their ability to do wheelies, stunts, and "ride outs'' as the big BMX community refers to their group rides. Big BMX is generally anything with a 22" tire and above (22", 24", 26", 29") with the larger the bike, the more comfortable ride.

All of our BIG BMX Bikes are located here:


We at SD Wheel Works Hope this sizing guide and brief explanation helps you pick the best BMX bike to suit your needs! If you have any questions regarding BMX sizing, or any bike for that matter, feel free to reach out to us via this link here!:


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