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SD Wheel Works Back Alley Rally

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  • By Jared Allan
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SD Wheel Works Back Alley Rally

The 'SD Wheel Works - Back Alley Rally' was a testament to core BMX events; featuring a steep alleyway in Ocean Beach, DIY ramps and rails, long jump competition, Side-hack racing, best trick competition, and more!

 The SD Wheel Works friends and family came together to create an invitation-only bmx event like no other. Hosted in the steep alleyway of team manager Jared Allan's Ocean Beach house, the event was essentially a visit to the origins of BMX. Most riders start with a "work with what we got" attitude, using anything that could be considered an obstacle to do so. The SD Wheel Works team and friends did just that and created an alleyway of fun for every level of riding (if you dare attempt)!

 Some of the highlights featured a long jump competition, side-hack racing, best trick, a 40lb 'Warpig' circa early 2000's, and more! The event aired on @bmx 's instagram stories (OURBMX - Shout out Fudger) and filmed for our resident team rider and Vlogger Bruce Imig. 

Here is 17 minutes of the 'Back Alley Rally' event via SD Wheel Works and Bruce Imig


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