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San Diego BMX Day 2022

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  • By Jared Allan
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San Diego BMX Day 2022

BMX day in San Diego is always a blast and this year was no exception! Hundreds of beginner and professional riders gathered in Downtown San Diego to flex their best stunts, in multiple designated street spots, to battle it out for cash and prizes!

San Diego BMX day 2022 was held in the streets of downtown San Diego and hosted by Our BMX (@bmx), BMX Day (@bmxday), Ryan Fudger (@fyanrudger), and Albert Mercado (@albertmercado). Together with cash prized from SD Wheel Works and product prizes from top brands like Haro, Fiend, Sunday, Odyssey, and more. A slough of DIY boxes, ramps, benches, rails and obstacles were ridden by all skill level of BMX riders.

  There were four designated spots scattered across the city for riders to throw down their best tricks. Each spot offered not only swag and products but a 100$ cash prize for "rider of the spot". Furthermore a 500$ cash prize was given at the final location for "rider of the day"! As you can imagine the riders were riding at their best, hucking their biggest tricks, and throwing their best moves in attempt to win.

  Big ups to Boss man here at SD Wheel Works for the cash donations, burgers, product, and bringing the tunes and tools on the electric side hack! Shoutout to Fudger, Albert, and all the companies that contributed to BMX day. Finally props to all the riders out there killing it all day. 

OURBMX video coverage of the event:


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