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Product Spotlight - Surly Bikes

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  • By Jared Allan
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Product Spotlight - Surly Bikes

Looking to venture the roads and trails less traveled? Surly offers gravel, trail, touring and road bikes for just that occasion! Featuring some serious specs, steel frames, and some obscure names; Surly is one our top suggested Hybrid / Gravel bikes!

  Contrary to their name, Surly Bikes are an incredibly approachable machine for the various cycling terrains they are designed for! Surly offers a wide range of bikes and components for those who are looking for an alternative to expensive carbon or aluminum bikes, without sacrificing strength or components. 

Let's look at some of the things that set Surly Bikes, their parts and components, and overall brand apart from other manufactures:

  First and foremost Surly as a brand sets themselves apart from the rest of the industry with their marketing and distinctly advertised products. With off-the-cuff names like "Ogre", "Ghost Grappler", and "Karate Monkey" you can assume that surly takes things lightly and fun; which is what they design their bikes for. As a direct quote from their website "Contrary to popular belief, we’re not a bunch of deranged, clown-obsessed, serial killer wannabes — well, not all of us. We’re not drunk 24/7 and we don’t live in the woods behind our office anymore. What we are is an assortment of personalities and humanoids all brought together by one common interest: bike nerdom. We make serious steel bikes for people who don’t take themselves too seriously."

  One thing Surly Bikes does take seriously is their use (and love) for steel! All Surly Bikes are constructed from 4130 Chromololy tubing. Surly holds true to the adage "steel is real" and applies that to every bike. Not only is steel an incredibly strong material, this sets their consumer price point lower than their carbon and aluminum competitors. What's more: Surly is adamant about protecting the environment, thus they use steel for as many of their products as possible. Being that Steel is plentiful, durable, repairable, and easily recyclable. 


 Surly prides themselves on being Eco-friendly in all of their products and manufacturing. A few examples of this are as follows.



  • - Surly parts are held in their packing by reusable twist ties rather than zip ties, which get cut and chucked. They use reusable, recyclable paper and plastic bags for packaging whenever possible instead of expensive, wasteful single-use packaging. Surly's catalog and header cards are printed on 100% recycled paper using soy ink
  • - Surly's Scarves are made from scrap pieces of wool from the partner they work with. They use scraps for our soft goods whenever possible.
  • - Surly recycles scrap parts and warranty frames
  • - The building they work in is LEED Gold certified
  • - In most cases Surly chooses manufacturers based in Taiwan rather than other countries where labor and manufacturing costs are cheaper.  While it is more expensive to make Surly products in Taiwan than those other countries, they've built partnerships with Taiwanese vendors, who share their vision of promoting bicycle use and taking care of the Earth in the process. For Surly to profit while the people who produce our products suffer, or the environment is sacrificed would go against their vision of making the world a better place through the promotion of cycling.


  Surly has found their "niche" in the cycling industry being that they offer bikes for multiple terrains ( Hybrid / Gravel / Road) as well as being able to accessorize and accommodate a specific rider's style and riding terrain. All of this while being at an affordable price point when compared to their corporate counterparts.  

  We at SD Wheel Works do our best to offer a large range of Surly bikes and products; all of which can be found by clicking the link below!


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