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Team Rider Bike Check! Cody Sanders speaks on his new BMX steed!

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  • By Jared Allan
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Team Rider Bike Check! Cody Sanders speaks on his new BMX steed!

Team rider Cody Sanders is back off a 3 month injury. We sat down with him to break down his freshly built all terrain shred steed and hit up a Q&A!

  Cody Sanders is a staple in the San Diego BMX community. Being one of the oldest riders on the team (now in his late 20s) Cody has arguably the most time behind bars and his riding absolutely reflects that. There is no terrain, obstacle, or environment that Cody does not ride, thus he is regarded as one of, if not our most versatile rider on the SD Wheel Works team. 

  Cody needs a bike that can match is style of riding which in general is extremely fast paced, high flying, and incredibly hard. Genarly, Cody stays with American brand parts and his new ride is just that. Almost exclusively (currently) composed of S&M, Demolition, and Odyssey parts; his bike is ready to battle anything, anytime, and anywhere. 

  Coming off a three month injury that occured during our last team trip up to Los Angeles, Cody's Three broken ribs are healed (enough) and his lacerated liver is repaired (regenerated?) to a point where he can put the two story fall and bike with bad juju behind him. A fresh start is here for Cody and we cant wait to see him continue his insane riding style. 


Bike Specs:

Frame: S&M BTM 21.5 Trans Red Fade

Forks: Odyssey R32 Black

Cranks: Demolition Rig 175mm Black

Bars: S&M Perfect 10 Trans Black

Sprocket: Demolition Fast and Loose Sprocket

Wheels: Demolition Team wheels

Tires: Odyssey Aitken 20x2.25

Grips: ODi Longneck

Chain:  Shadow Interlock v2

Seat: Demolition Markit Black Stitch

Seat post: S&M Laidback

Seat post clamp: S&M

Pedals: Demolition Black and Red swirl

Stem: S&M Enduro v2

Headset: Odyssey Anodized Red

Pegs: Primo Hobie Doan signature


How long have you been riding?:

“That's a dangerous question, started when I was 8 or 9, started taking it serious when I was 14 or 15; Im 29 now”


What's your favorite place to ride?:

“C’mon man… Favorite place to ride is OB (Ocean Beach park) but ideal setup would be some dirt trails”


Describe your riding in three words:

Smooth, Technical, Dangerous, 


You recently built a new bike, tell us about it:

“I wanted a little more length out of my bike so I went with an S&M bikes BTM 21.5. It's got a long back end which feels amazing on rotations. Also, The S&M stem is super tight, I love the badge on it. Also rockin’ the demolition rigs which are unbreakable. Bike is completely Demolition and S&M at this point. Loving how the bike feels”


Favorite part on your bike:

“Goin with the BTM frame, best frame ever”


What was the hardest trick to learn?:

“I think the hardest trick for you to learn, footjam whiplash on the quarter. To this day people tell me to do that trick and I'm probably 40/60 make / fail on that one. 60% of the time I'm catchin’ straight shinner”


Favorite trick?:

“WHIPLASH! (yells)”


Favorite video part?:

“Tom Stretton / Bobbie Altiser split edit for Colony. Those dudes are literally the S*** and they are balance wizards.”


Street or park?:

“Park all day but I would prefer dirt over park but it ain't around”


So you were significantly broken off; was that your worst injury?:

"Oh dude yeah, this has by far been the worst injury, spot looked cool (two story roof drop to bank in LA) and as soon as we approached, it looked do-able. Ran it one time and crashed, I was good so I ran it again and slipped my foot. Came back and ran it one more time and got bodied. Broke three ribs and lacerated my liver”


Spot that got away:

“That's a good one... Definitely the last one that broke me off. I wouldn't go back and do it again tho, I'm good on that”

Plans for the future?:

“I’m Just trying to stay as healthy as possible so I can shred for as long as possible”


Shoutouts and birds:

"Shoutout to SD Wheel Works and all the boys on the SD Wheel works team, shout out to all the people who amp me up during sessions, Demolition for the hookups, and the people who keep me motivated, Shoutout to the kook Ryan Devo but he didn't call me for tacos last night.

So Bird also goes to Ryan for not calling me for tacos last night."


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