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About us

Our goal at SD Wheel Works is to bring the best quality products to your innovative life. From the city streets, to the local trails and beyond, SD Wheel Works has the perfect cycle to suit the terrain. We showcase the most innovative brands and accessories to perfectly tailor your experience both on and off a bike. We offer an unforgettable retail experience and premium bike service. Cruise over for some new parts, cool accessories, or a tune up.

The Team Behind SD Wheel Works:

Chris Garcia is a Co-Founder and GM at SD Wheel Works. With roots in BMX, Chris started riding bicycles at a young age and never stopped rolling. He started working at Q Bikes in San Diego at fifteen where he realized his passion for bicycles, and craftsmanship, and developed his natural mechanical aptitude. Chris worked at Q Bikes through his attendance at SDSU where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Since then he’s worked in many positions in the Cycling and Outdoor Industries until he ended up where he is now at SD Wheel Works.

Still shreddin’ on bikes, he also loves anything that has wheels and gears and goes fast. But its the bicycle that motivates him the most. He believes that the bicycle can be used for fun, health, and utilitarian purposes and feels most at ease wandering on a bike.

Kilian Landers is Co-Founder, CEO and Owner of SD Wheel Works.  An avid traveler and adventurer, he has a passion for movement and the mechanisms which allow us to do it with ease and efficiency.  He is a designer with backgrounds in interiors, graphics, photography, and fashion. This combination of pursuits brings a love of function, as well as form, into the incredible melting pot that is SD Wheel Works.   


Jared Allan is the E-Commerce manager of SD Wheel Works. With a deep history of BMX stemming from his roots in Santa Cruz, Northern California; he arrived in San Diego in 2017 and completely immerced himself with the rich BMX culture. Originally brought on board as the BMX team manager, the relationship grew to include his current position. Having a College backround in Journalism and broadcast media as well as a decade of experience in the aftermarket automotive E-commerce feild, he created our website and web store

  When Jared isnt hiding in his back office, nose deep in his laptop working on the website, he enjoys riding his BMX with his team, driving his Nissan 240sx, offroading his Jeep, or playing guitar.